Sep 17

I came across this video on Facebook recently, have a look, it’s only 40 seconds.

The thing has had over 300,000 shares!  That’s pretty impressive.  The christians who are impressed with the concept are falling over themselves with excitement.

The video is instructive, primarily for Sunday School teachers.  Can you imagine showing this to children?  You are clean and pure, then sin comes along, uninvited and pours itself all over you.  The only way to get clean is to have christ in your life.

That is really a horrible message.

I made my own version, with a science label instead of sin.  Have a look – it’s only 23 seconds, it’s not as convoluted as religion and gets to the point much quicker.

It’s had about 50,000 shares on Facebook so far.  Still got a way to go!

I’ve had more negative feedback on my short 23 second video than I have on my 50 minutes on television!  I can feel the christian love.

People feel entitled to message me to tell me about their god.  I don’t mind that.  I don’t feel obliged to engage with them in any deep conversation.  I’m polite and respectful to them, but quite adamant about where I stand on religion.  Here’s a couple of my favourite conversations:


Screenshot from 2014-09-17 17:53:12

This one with Matt starts out by him asking me if I have read the bible, I tell him I have:Screenshot from 2014-09-17 18:13:07


If you want to read the full transcript then here is Jennepher Petitt  and Matt Sidney.

This conversation was of particular fun:


Here’s the full story: Δημήτριος Δεσποτικός

Just in case you want to make your own science experiment, it the Science jar I’ve put water and a dash of bleach.  The christ jar has water and enough iodine to make it reddish/brown.  The You cup is only water.

Just remember, it’s a little bit of chemical reaction, nothing more.  You don’t have to put labels on them!

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