Mar 02

unicornHis hand was trailing along the ground behind him.  Which sort of meant that somehow he was travelling along on his knees because as far as he knew his arms didn’t really normally touch the ground as he walked.  He looked down to find his feet, only to discover that somehow they had disappeared so he glanced over his shoulder and yes, there indeed, on the end of this legs where his runners.  He was thinking that perhaps his feet weren’t in his runners, but that seemed a silly concept so he just accepted the current reality. That was strange in itself as his reality normally made some sort of sense.  Well, it did if you ever understood what was really going on around the corner.  He’d been around the corner a couple of times and never really understood that either.  When he was a lad, going around the corner was always exciting as you never quite knew just what it was that you would find.  Most of the time he would find small gnats flying about mouth level and would always inhale several of them before coughing uncontrollably and running in the other direction.


Yes, that was it, he recalled, a few minutes ago the runners with his feet embed in them at the end of his legs were running.  Now he was doing a sort of shuffling motion like some zombie from “The Walking Dead”.  He tried to do the moan like the zombies do but all he could muster was a small burp and a simultaneous fart.  The resulted in him chortling.  His knuckles hit a rough patch and he stopped chortling and stopped the zombie shuffle, brought his hands around in front of his face and inspected them.  They seemed ok on the palm side, so he turned them over and to his horror discovered a large welt with little tattoos of unicorns had appeared just below both his left thumbs.  That wasn’t there before he thought.  Desperately his mind tried to make a connection between unicorns, running, zombies and being able to burp and fart at the same time.  Apart from this very moment he couldn’t make a connection.

Suddenly he became embarrassed as he realised how rude it was to burp, both mouth and bottom, in public.

He blushed.

Said sorry to the small gathering of adoring unicorns just out of sight, stood up and continued on his run.

No, nothing is wrong and no, I can’t explain it.


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