Want to whip up a controversy to drive people to your site or pick up your newspaper? Then just publish a nasty letter about a marginalised group, that’ll get everyone worked up.  Which group – oh, how about the gays! The media still views gay people as fair game and open to any sort of abuse under […]


The gay community yet again is the play thing of the media and politicians. Used again in as a political football for cheap point scoring. The political parites continue to ignore the homophobes that are amongst them and focus on those not yet in the inside circle.


This column in today’s Australian by Maurice Newman is worthy of a closer examination. What do Jeff Kennett and Julia Gillard have in common? They both believe in same-sex marriage and that it is far too important to be left to the people to decide. I’m sure there’s a lot more that they have in common, […]


I talk to my two children all the time.  Sometimes, they talk to me.  As Tomas did recently, to talk about an upcoming play for drama that his class was working on. Tomas wasn’t so keen to participate as he was worried I might frown up the topic, which was the Westboro Baptist Church.  The […]


Another Queensland Regional Newspaper takes to treating gay people like a play thing. Showing yet again that gays are still fair game as a controversial subject to drive traffic to their sites.


I am a man.  I’m pretty complex, I think we all are.  As it happens I’m gay.  Which is just as well, because I got married to a man. I’m a proud gay man.  It took years to get here.  To take ownership of the sort of man I am, to recognise who I am […]


What is it that drives everyone to have a Thorpe opinion? He doesn’t deserve the hatred, abuse and second guessing as to his motives. He needs support and encouragement.


Bullies abound in politics and we should all call it out. It needs to stop!


A dog, an overseas trip, a song and a name. A little trip down memory lane.


News Ltd continues its unwarranted attack on Michael, ignoring the substance of his activism.  Piers Akerman is the latest bully to make shit up. IT’S a sad truth that those who so recently claimed to be the bullied are now among the world’s greatest bullies. Great way to start an article, an assertion, without any […]

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