Sep 13

I reflect on the last week or so and ponder the huge cost this attention on me and my fellow queers across the nation is having. I get a sense of deep anger, resentment and bewilderment.

I am angry, resentful and bewildered by the actions of all of our politicians. It’s a constant barrage of political games as the to and fro between the Government and Opposition plays out.

I’m hurting, Michael is hurting, I’ve seen and read plenty of comments from my friends to see them hurting.

I’ve read the comments from parents about the impact that this is having on their children. Its distressing. I was in tears tonight reading about the school ground antics.

I’ve also see the community rally and support each other. I’ve got the support from allies who are stepping up and calling this for what it is.

There may not be evidence of an increase in self-harm and suicide, there is however evidence of emotional stress and mental health issues, and that’s just me.

This to me is really simple. My human rights may be voted on by the rest of the nation. That’s so wrong.

All I want is to marry Michael. That’s not so hard.

Thanks friends, be you straight or queer. I need you and your support, and I know that there are plenty of others that need it too.

I’ll continue to do my bit, I’m not sure how I’ll go as its overwhelming at times.

Now the wait while the plebiscite plays out.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hang in there Gregory and Michael. If this plebiscite gets up, we’re in for some dark days. Myself and many people I know are actually in a “doubly minority” (I’m also on the autism spectrum). That’s normally an increased vulnerability when it comes to mental health, though in my case, I have managed to find strategies to improve mental health, and be an exception to the rule.

    So, I will be looking out for those around me, we need to band together, with our allies, so we can get through this. However, I have some hope that the plebiscite gets canned by the Senate.

    I also want to marry my partner of 11 years.

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