Aug 05

In my large family I have a lot of nephews and nieces.  Some are into their forties and the youngest is 8 years old.

I love spending time with Abbey and with her sister.  They’re great fun to be around.  We play together and explore the world from an 8 year old’s perspective.  We have lots of room for moose and treat them nicely.  They are always appearing and quickly disappearing.

She’s home sick today, and after coming to Michael and my wedding in New Zealand earlier in the year, she’s been wondering why we can’t get married in Australia.  I’m reliably informed that she has some questions for me and that she is learning how changes are made.

How awesome is it that a child can understand the inequality in our society and also work out how change can be started.  From her heart comes her plea and her question to the Prime Minister of Australia.

My niece is awesome!  Thanks Abbey.

Here’s her letter to the PM.

To Tony Abbott
my name is Abbey and I am 8 years old.
My unkls are gaye and we had to go to
New Zeland to have ther wedding it is going
To be on TV it’s called Living with the Enemy they
wont to get marred in Astralea but thats eligle
I will write to you once a day for a week.
P.S. I wold like the law changed.

20140805 Abbey's Letter
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13 Responses to “When Abbey Writes to the PM.”

  1. Carol Wocker says:

    That is so beautiful, everyone seems to get it but that lot in Canberra.

  2. Diane Kempen says:

    Wow Gregory – your niece Abbey is awesome! Good luck to her writing the letter for a week. Hope she gets a response.

  3. Carolyn Cullinan says:

    Well done Abbey, you are powerful young lady, I have a son who would like to marry one and I hope that both my son and uncle will be able to do it.
    Welcome to the rainbow families

  4. Phil Browne says:

    Children just get it – they have not been influenced by prejudice and discrimination.
    This gives such hope for the future.

    With the Australian PM reported as being likely to soon grant his party a conscience vote on marriage equality – everyone please sing and then share this to support Michael and Gregory, plus all the other couples in love

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  6. Naomi says:

    Absolutely wonderful. I just love it. Waiting for tomorrow’s edition.

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