Apr 29

My latest blog becomes a video!  A vlog


marriage equality 1Election Campaign 2010 – Media release about Danby and Marriage Equality

Interview with Michael Danby from C31 – The Shtick, 14th April 2013

Presenter: Gregory Storer

Voice over: Michael Barnett

Vlog produced by Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer

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Images:  Sourced from Wikimedia Commons.  Michael Danby, Star of David, Rainbow Flag

Map from the Australian Electoral Commission

Music from Incompetech 

Made using Open Source Software:  Blender, OpenShot, Gimp and Ubuntu

2 Responses to “Marriage Equality in Melbourne Ports”

  1. What exactly is it that Michael Danby is scared of?

  2. Thaily says:

    I’m sure that the Labor Party will have an interest in chgniang their policy, however why should I be interested in the internal workings of the Labor Party. You go sort it out and let me know once the policy has been changed. Just now it’s not on the agenda. Gillard has made it well known that the policy is one man, one woman. All the talk is just that, until you’ve changed the policy you’ve got nothing.On the other hand, other Party’s have a policy, ready to go. The Labor Party are just too slow and need a good kicking to get them moving. If you think they should get a bloody move on, and move Australia Forward, then take action now and vote for someone that actually supports your position instead of just giving you lip service.Why wasn’t Danby out there flying his flag at the rally? Where were his supporters carrying the placards, he speaks so highly of his efforts but was a no-show. So much for that support!

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