Apr 21

April 21st is the day I married Jennie in 1990.

April 21st is the day I registered my relationship with Michael in 2010.

It’s now 2012, two years on.

Those two sentences are still miles apart.  I’m still not able to say I married Michael.

You can see my story of our registration here.

Gregory and Michael

All smiles

I started this blog to write about things in my life, and mostly that’s what I do.  I find that more and more I use it to express my views about equality.  Despite not wanting to marry again, it’s clear to me that I feel very passionately about the right to be treated equally.  I’m not a second class citizen because of my sexuality.

My relationship with Michael continues to grow and develop.  We maneuver our way around each other as we settle  in a life that brings me happiness, joy, frustration, anger, bliss and a deep sense of satisfaction.

It was only a week ago as I stood waiting for Michael that I discovered myself smiling broadly as he came into view.  What is it about the man that a mere five minutes apart makes me beam when I see him again?

I’m delighted to share life with Michael. It’s grouse.

Today only marks the second anniversary of our registration, it’s not a celebration.  If we mark an anniversary, it’s the day that we meet.  We’ll be four years in November.  That’s something to get excited about.


4 Responses to “Still no white goods.”

  1. I’m getting excited already. 🙂

  2. Phil Browne says:

    Simple and to the point article – I love it.
    That’s what love is all about.

  3. Geez guys, I can’t afford white-goods, but I have a gorgeous tutu going begging. On second thoughts I think I’ll keep it – it’ll be perfect for when I’m bridesmaid at the wedding (real or mock – I don’t care). It’s either the tutu or orange organza with puff sleeves. Whaddya think?

    Hugs to you both. You’re a gorgeous couple and deserve every bit of joy life can bring.

  4. Tony Langdon says:

    I can relate to this post. Mark and I signed our registration in late 2008, which became valid the day after Australia Day 2009. We did have our own little reception at home on Australia Day with family and friends, but since then, the anniversary that’s remembered is the day we made our relationship “official”, which was in October 2005. Coming up to 7 years this October. 🙂

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