Apr 21

Today Michael and I got registered.  That’s how we do it in Victoria.  The Australian Government won’t let us get married, and we don’t want to do that anyway, but we did need to be registered so that our legal status is clear.  You know, next of kin, powers of attorney and all that sort of stuff.

It’s a straight forward process, and is in fact similar to what you do when you register your marriage.  You just don’t get the “I now pronounce you Man and Man”.

When I look at it that way, what we did seemed like an everyday event, there were no magic words, it was rather like applying to get your drivers license, or as some suggest, registering your dog.  You take a number, line up at the counter with your proof of identity and someone takes photo copies, punches it all into a computer and that’s it.  You walk out registered.

Apart from this legal stuff, we don’t need registration to know how we feel about each other.  We don’t need a big ceremony to mark the occasion, we don’t need to gather all our friends, unwanted family and official wedding junkies together to stand in front of them and make a public declaration of our undying love and devotion to each other.  We do have a commitment to each other, it’s been ‘organic’ and it’s ongoing.

In the end, isn’t that what marriage is all about?  It’s the about  a commitment between two people.  All the other stuff is just bloatware1.

Sure, we can have a big party, but rather than that, and at any time, why not congratulate people you see together as partners.  They obviously have a commitment to each other, and it’s ongoing.  That deserves a smile and a wink.  Why do we only tell people how great it is to be in a relationship when they front up to get married?

For the record, our wedding reception was baked beans on toast, a fruit salad and two cups of coffee.  We kissed.

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4 Responses to “Congratulations are not needed”

  1. Are you calling me bloatware? 😉

  2. Jo and Rob says:

    Congratulations may not be needed however those who care about you are thrilled to be able let you know how happy we are for you and have the opportunity to publicly say so.

    Congratulations Greg and Michael and we wishe you many years of happiness, putting out the rubbish bins and love and intimacy. Kisses and hugs to you both.

    We discovered last year when we at last had a wedding recpetion after 37 years and organised by our adult children, that these public statements of love and commitment really matter. The group sharing and statement of our love seemed to have a renewal affect for others which we found very heartening. With all the different friends and generations there (on such a memorable day 7 Feb 2009) the love just seemed to multiply and just for a few hours be the most important “thing” in the world.

    Perhaps as social beings we do need these occasions for a group hug to take another tiny step towards world peace and love and kindness between us all.

    As you know Greg change comes from people not governments – keep speaking out and celebrating your relationship with Michael. Cant tell you how happy we are he is in your life!!

  3. Gregory says:

    My hat goes off to anyone who is in a committed relationship. 37 years of marriage is a wonderful thing, and to share in that with you was fantastic.

    Thank you for your words, the phone call and your on going support. It is very much valued and appreciated.

    In our own way, Michael and I will continue to seek justice and equality for all the people of our community and our world. Big job, but we’ll start small.

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